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Are you tired of dealing with pesky insects invading your Charlotte, North Carolina home or garden? Look no further! We match you with professional pest control experts who specialize in effectively eliminating a wide range of pests, including ants, termites, beetles, cockroaches and more. Our team of Pest Control experts use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your space is left pest-free. Don’t let insects ruin your peace of mind any longer. Contact us today to schedule your easy consultation and take the first step towards a pest-free life. Act now!

Our insect control services of Charlotte


Bees are often welcome in many gardener’s Charlotte homes. But to the average homeowner, these bees can be cause for concern. Firstly, they may be very terrifying to people with bee allergies. Secondly, they may gather around unattended food wastes and sugary drinks. Thirdly, they sometimes build permanent homes on your property, making your building look chaotic.

If you have some cracks in your home’s exterior, bees may make their way into your attic. Our network of professionals can identify these holes and help you get rid of them, so you can eliminate bees from your home permanently.


Despite offering several benefits to the environment, spiders can come across as threats to a lot of people. The fear of spiders, Arachnophobia, affects many people. At the sight of a spider, people with the fear can be very uneasy, sweating heavily. Some people can even suffer panic attacks if they’re in the presence of the animal.

Our network of insect control experts have extensive knowledge that can help us identify spider species, separating harmful ones from the innocuous ones.


Our insect control specialists can help you get control of your backyard and knock out any pesky mosquitoes. You probably know the risk mosquitoes pose to your health, carrying the threat of malaria.

​Our network can help you enjoy your sleeping time and outdoors again by eliminating them. They can reach areas where mosquitoes hide, using mist blowers and other cutting-edge equipment.


On top of being difficult to find, roaches can bring lots of diseases like cholera, leprosy, and typhoid fever to your home. They transmit these illnesses indirectly.

You can fall victim to these diseases by touching or consuming food contaminated by the pests. That’s why hiring a professional is crucial, as roaches can have damaging impacts on your health.

​They can also harm your business’s reputation as they signal uncleanliness and untidiness. They’re generally seen as filthy insects and should be nowhere new in your meal-prepping areas.


Beetles can sometimes find their way into your home in large numbers, even though they mostly live outside. They can become an irritating problem, subject to the condition.

​Some species last for years, although most of them have a one-year lifespan. Wood destruction, grain infestations, and fabric loss are some of the problems that come with beetle infestations.

Bed Bugs

Contrarily to other insects that consume human blood, bed bugs don’t transmit diseases, as scientists claim. These bed irritants, however, cause some itchy welts on their victims. These welts can often appear to be the result of allergic reactions or contact with poison ivy. On top of that, these pets can often be very distressing, causing you to live in constant fear of shame.

Choosing our network of bed bug exterminators in Charlotte North Carolina services mean you won’t have to be shamed by the little irritants in your furniture anymore. You don’t have to wake up to red itches any longer. Our network of insect control experts use some state-of-the-art equipment to get rid of your bugs.

Give us a call today to learn more about our bed bug exterminator Charlotte North Carolina solutions.

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You’ll find ants everywhere in the USA, and other parts of the world. Despite having a harmless appearance, ants can cost you heavily. They bring illnesses and can threaten the health of your family. They destroy property and ruin food, meaning they can also be extra financial burdens. Getting an ant exterminator in Charlotte North Carolina or even tick Charlotte Pest Control Experts North Carolina treatment is important if you’re looking to eliminate these tiny nuisances.

There are so many ant species in the world — they’re not equal. Knowing your particular infestation’s species is the first step to stamping them out. A professional ant exterminator in the Charlotte North Carolina understands the biology of various ant species and knows their differences, so they’re better suited to coming up with ant-killing strategies that work.


Having termites in your home means your building’s structural integrity may be a danger. Termites can destroy a building’s structure in a very short amount of time, so it’s important to try and control these pests.

They thrive in property with extra moisture, and they can get into your house via neighboring trees or any other structures.

Our insect control partners use effective liquid and bait systems that can trap these termites and get your infestation under control. They can also locate moisture sources and standing water, so they can reduce the probability of you having future termite infestations.

Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted lanternflies consume the sap of several plants such as maples, Chinese sumac, and black walnut. They come in hundreds and can cause so much damage to Charlotte North Carolina property and crops.